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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these stories copyright-free, royalty-free, or in the public domain?

No. While we encourage readers from all over the world to enjoy the stories on our site for free, each story on freechildrenstories.com is registered copyright and may not be published, distributed, adapted, etc. without express written permission. Please check out our User Agreement for the complete terms of use.

I’ve written a story. Can you publish it on Freechildrenstories.com?

Unfortunately, we do not accept or read outside submissions. But we wish you the best of luck with your work!

I’d like to use your stories on my own (app, website, youtube channel, etc). Can I have permission?

Generally, we are not able to grant copyright permissions for use of our stories. However there are some exceptions that may be made for non-profits or other charitable organizations.

Can I post a link to your stories?

Yes! Please feel free to link to our story pages and videos.

Can I use your stories in my classroom?

We appreciate all the work that teachers do around the world and would love for you to share our stories with your students! As long as you are not selling the stories or making them publicly available , you can feel free to use them in your classroom.

Do you license your stories for (textbooks, publications, apps, etc.)?

We love working with companies who use our stories for textbooks and educational materials. Please fill out the form below, including any license fee proposals, or email soaringshipllc@gmail.com with your request.

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